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Notes: His right eye was severely damaged on a mission in 1964, when it was burned by a muzzle flash. He's been blind on that side since then, and uses to wear an eyepatch. He lost his complete eyeball in Outer Heaven, 1995, along with his right ear, both arms, and both legs. The missing body parts were replaced with artificial ones, and later with parts from his two dead clones, Liquid and Solidus.


- Very good general knowledge. IQ of over 180.
- Mastered the art of Close Quarters Combat (CQC), which includes quick dismantling of all kinds of firearms.
- Wields in-depth knowledge on dozens of firearms, explosives, and other field gear, and has the capabilities to use them effectively.
- Has excellent strategic and tactical planning abilities. Makes a good squad leader.
- Expert at infiltration in urban and outdoor environments.
- Knows how to treat minor wounds. Good first-aid/medical skills.
- Pretty good at cooking - also has very good survival knowledge.
- Able to sense the presence of strong ghosts.


- Bats and Vampires. He's terrified of both and can't stand it when people even talk about them.
- FOXDIE V2.0, a retrovirus. Kills him instantly.
- His smoking and (harmless) drinking habit. He can't function properly without his cigars.
- His advanced age, and missing eye (limited perception).
- His inherent naivety and curiosity.
- Persons: The Boss (physical/emotional), Ocelot (emotional), EVA (emotional), Snake (physical/emotional).
- Fire. He's not outright terrified of fire, but he gets very uncomfortable around larger sources of it; and suffers PTSD nightmares about being burned alive.
- Cardboard boxes. He loves them.


Fluent in speech and writing: English, German, Hawaiian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese
Basic knowledge: Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Korean, Kurdish, Portuguese, Zulu


- CIGARRETTES. Two full packs.
- KYOUWATO BLADE. A traditional Japanese short sword, also called Wakizashi. Belongs to Solidus. 24'' blade.
- KA-BAR. A WW2 combat knife. 7'' clip-point blade. Dull.
- PATRIOT. An assault pistol which is a modified version of a Colt XM-16E1. Uses 5.56 x 45mm ammunition. Loaded.
- HAVANA CIGARS. The brand appears to be Jova de Nicaraqua, vintage 1964.
- GAS LIGHTER. Black color.
- COMMUNICATOR. The standard, indestructible palm-pilot given to all inhabitants of Discedo.


Cheshire Cat || Annoying cat which spouts a lot of cryptic nonsense. Dinner.

Donald Duck || A duck. 135cm tall. Dinner.

Gray Fox || Former protégé and ally, and one of Big Boss's best friends.

Iruka Umino || Some kind of ninja with short-lived temper when it comes to hedgehogs. Seems to be pretty okay though once he's calmed down, and very helpful. Will contact when he finds cows. A+

Liquid Snake || Big Boss is not on friendly terms with Liquid; due to his sons immense hatred for his 'father'. Big Boss would like to settle his differences with him, but it's doubtful that that will happen anytime soon.

Mei Ling || A member of Snake's former support team. She's pretty sweet, intelligent and easy to talk to.

Ocelot || The young cocky Ocelot from 1964. Big Boss is still rather fond of him, despite this one not being the one he worked with - and functioned as a teacher for - for over 40 years. Nostalgia does that to you.

Otacon || Snake's best friend, doesn't seem to have a very high opinion of Big Boss currently, but Big Boss himself has no problem with him.

Raiden || Snake's friend, and the one who helped out Big Mama in his time. Although Big Boss never met Raiden before, he heard a lot about him and his sacrifices, and will try to support him where he can.

Reno || Funny guy with funny hair. Has a lot of useful tips regarding hedgehogs.

Roy Campbell || Co-founder of FOXHOUND and still one of his best friends.

Sniper Wolf || Former protégé. Big Boss is very fond of her.

Solid Snake || Probably the only true heir to Big Boss's legacy, Big Boss doesn't really see Snake as his 'son' (yet - he's getting used to the thought), but respects him as a soldier and as a man, despite the rather tragic past involving patricide the two share and went through together. He was Snake's mentor prior to the Outer Heaven crisis, and feels overly guilty for betraying him like he did, thus he tries to make things better now.

Solidus Snake || Despite being the perfect clone of Big Boss, he and his father have never actually met until Discedo. Solidus seems to respect Big Boss however, who isn't entirely sure what he should make of that, considering he hasn't told him yet that he's actually one of the Patriots.

Sonic the Hedgehog || The archnemesis of all Snakes. Dinner.

The Boss || Big Boss's beloved mentor. He's deeply devoted to her, although it's still hard for him to look her in the eyes, considering his past.

The Sorrow || Being Ocelot's father, Big Boss respects the deceased spirit medium and his advice a lot. He's helped him out more than once, after all, and is the former lover of his admired mentor.

Tomokai Yoshida || Big Boss and her seem to be getting along pretty well, oddly enough, and most of the time they end up flirting unintentionally when they talk.

Ty Lee || Friend of Snake. Constantly bickering with her. Needs to grow up.

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